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Grunts With Halos, Inc.

Esprit De Corps Never Ends

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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

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Grunts With Halos, Inc.

1820 NE Jensen Beach Blvd #542

Jensen Beach, FL 34957

About Our Foundation

Our Honor To Help

Inspired by our personal efforts to help disabled military veterans, Grunts With Halos, Inc. was established in 2020 in Florida. Over a short period of time, we have become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives of military veterans. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do.


Our Causes

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference


Filing for Disability

One of our goals is to help every eligible military veteran file for VA disability, Social Security disability, college and vocational benefits. We help determine what paperwork needs to be filed, and work with law firms, if necessary, to make sure no stone goes unturned.

Living Needs

Other main causes are helping disabled military veterans with some of their living arrangements. Whether it's home modifications, procuring medical supplies, or finding legal assistance with domestic issues, we pride ourselves on working with likeminded people who donate their time to help as best we can.


"Every man is guilty of the good they have not yet done."


Contact Us

1820 NE Jensen Beach Blvd. #542
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

(772) 899-3310

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